Windows Defender Compromised due to Microsoft Malware Protection Engine (MMPE) Flaw

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Microsoft has now released an Emergency Security Update (ESU) through Windows Update on April 3. It fixes the vulnerability (CVE-2018-0986). Microsoft Malware Protection Engine (MMPE) is affected by this vulnerability. It affects Microsoft Windows Defender MMPE v1.1.14600.4.

A main component of Microsoft Antivirus and Antispyware products MMPE is affected. This component is used for malware scanning, malware detection, and malware cleaning.


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Table of Contents

Windows Defender: Component Affected

  • Microsoft Endpoint Protection
  • Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection
  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Microsoft Windows Defender
  • Microsoft Windows Intune Endpoint Protection


Windows Defender: Status and Discovery

Microsoft Malware Protection Engine Flaw is rated as "critical."

One of Google’s security researchers discovered this flaw. It allows malicious attackers to execute malicious code. The MMPE component has system privileges. An exploited bug grants attackers complete control the affected system.

Microsoft has classified this vulnerability as ‘critical.’ This is the highest severity classification.

"To exploit this vulnerability, a specially crafted file must be scanned by an affected version of the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine."

-- Microsoft Advisory

Exploitation is just the start of the trouble. Attackers could post malicious code inside JavaScript files.  Malicious code could be emailed as file attachments. Booby-trapping can be done through instant messaging clients by sending a file.

MMPE automatically scans all incoming files. This is the default setting. No user interaction is required. By this, the flaw is exploited.

On Windows 10, the default setting is Windows Defender is on. All Windows 10 systems are affected due to this.  All Windows 10 systems require an update with immediate effect.


Windows Defender: Updates

Updates are being rolled out and users should receive them within 48 hours.  Microsoft has dissociated MMPE updates separately from OS updates. This is good news. Microsoft can silently deliver the required security patches. This would mean no user interaction is required.

Microsoft has fixed this flaw in MMPE v1.1.14600.4. Users should receive this update in 48 hours. If system administrators or system owners have blocked the MMPE update through system policies, then they will not receive it.

Google Project Zero’s Thomas Dullien discovered this vulnerability (CVE-2018-0986). This is the fourth case of an MMPE remote code execution bug being discovered. Google’s Project Zero team has discovered four bugs.


Windows Defender: Alternatives

Users running 3rd-party security solutions aren’t impacted. Users having Windows Defender disabled aren’t impacted.

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