Instagram Pod: 6 Secret Hacks for Engagement

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In today’s world, if you want to be popular, you have to be social media smart. Nowadays, everyone is fond of Instagram. Even if it means to just post your dog’s photo, everyone wants to be on Instagram. There are, maybe, a few people who are not on Instagram. The social media platform has many trends, and users are finding many creative ways to increase their content interaction and reach. The more Instagram is growing, the more users are becoming innovative in its use. Instagram’s newest and latest growth hack is an Instagram Pod.

Wait, a Pod, what…?

If this is the first time you are hearing these words, then you are not alone. Most of us would not have heard about an Instagram Pod. So, what is an Instagram Pod, why is this the latest growth hack for your Instagram account, and is it worth it?


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What is an Instagram Pod?

An Instagram Pod is basically a group in simple terms. You join together with like-minded people and promote each other’s posts/videos. This is done through commenting, liking, sharing, or following each other’s posts/videos. Most of the group interacts through Direct Messages. Many-a-times each group has their own code-word to notify others about a post going live.

There are generally about 15-20 people in a “Pod.” You can also get Pods with thousands of active members. All Pod group members have similar content. For example, a group for motivational pictures, a group for home-decor, a group driving and so on. The Pod’s main aim is helping each other out. This is done by receiving and giving comments and liking other member’s content. Users share the content to their newsfeed increasing the post’s reach.

If you remember, in 2018, Instagram tweaked its algorithm on how a user’s newsfeed showed content. Instagram tweaked it to rank content it believed users wanted to see than in a chronological order as before. This is still being opposed and people have not gotten over it. This tweaking, evidently, negatively impacted users’ content popularity and reach. The use of Instagram Pod(s) is an attempt to making-up for this decline.

How Does An Instagram Pod Work?

How Does An Instagram Pod Work?

How Does An Instagram Pod Work?

An Instagram Pod is made-up of users having similar taste in content. When a user publishes a post, they share it so that other members know it is live. Other members are obliged to either like or comment on the post. This results in the post ranking higher in other user’s newsfeeds. The number of comments and likes you post will get decides the length of stay at the top. The more time it is at the top, the more likes and comments it gets.

As the users of your specific pod like and comment instantly after your post is published. This exponentially heightens your post’s chances of staying at the top. A Pod is all about caring and giving. What you give to your members you get back many fold.

Instagram Pod: 6 Secret Hack for Engagement

How Do You Find an Instagram Pod?

Most of the time, an Instagram Pod is exclusive. You can numerous Facebook groups which have been specifically created for finding your relative Pod. You just have to know where to look. Facebook has reportedly been closing and banning these groups.

Users have now started to use Telegram and Reddit to find these Instagram Pods. If there is already someone you know in a pod you want to join, you can pitch to them to gain access to their Pod. Else, you can always make your own Pod and invite like-minded people to join your group.

Instagram Pod: 6 Secret Hack for Engagement

Instagram Pod: 6 Secret Hack for Engagement

Instagram Pod - The Pros of Joining a Pod

It all depends on whom you ask. For some it works, for some it does not. There are benefits of getting a confirmed number of comments and likes for your content. This also means engagement numbers are up. It also opens up your post to the newsfeed of your group’s members.

If you have a Pod of 15-20 people, then you are assured of their interaction. You either can get 15-20 comments, 15-20 likes, or even 15-20 shares. Each Pod member will get your post catapulted to their followers’ newsfeed and their likes and comments as well.

The biggest benefit of joining one is Reach. Even if your group is of 15-20 people and each has at least 500 followers, then you are talking about thousands of potential eye-balls ogling at your content. This also means that you would also have multiple likes, comments, and shares basically increasing the love manifold.

Instagram Pod - The Cons of Joining a Pod

On the downside, the time you need to invest in this is huge. Most of the time, you would be glued to your mobile device engaging in liking or commenting on other’s posts. If your group is of 15-20 people, then going through each post of each member is going to be tedious.

Why? Because not all will post at the same time due to time zone differences. You would be obligated to either like or give a meaningful comment to every post. If your group has even one high-value influencer who posts 6 or 7 times daily, then it would be a herculean task at hand keeping up with all the posts and engagements being done.

One of the biggest negative is that in each group there may be silent people who are just there to reap the benefits and not return the favor. This just negates the whole concept of giving and receiving the love for each other. These users will just take all the likes, shares, comments and would not reciprocate it back when others post.

Instagram Pod - Conclusion

Instagram Pod - Conclusion

Instagram Pod - Conclusion(s)

It looks mostly that by joining a pod Instagram has become a regular engagement task. If engagement and reach is your mantra and you absolutely cannot live without it, then an Instagram Pod is for you. If you are not a regular user and only use it just to post pics of your trips or food then it is not.

Mostly, an Instagram Pod looks to alleviate the pain caused by the negative impact of Instagram algorithmic changes of 2018. Most influencers want to boost their reach and engagement with their followers. If you are looking to be famous such as Huda Kattan, Cameron Dallas, or Michelle Lewin with millions of followers, then Pods should be able to make it happen.

Influencing your content through an Instagram Pod has also come to the notice of Facebook. As of now, Facebook has started to crack down on these groups and disable them. If you are looking to make the most of the pod craze, you should start now before the Instagram algorithm is changed again.

Overall, it takes time, dedication, and engagement to grow your account and be in constant touch with your followers. If you crave constant engagement, then joining a Pod is definitely for you. For casual Instagrammers’, read our article on “How the Instagram Algorithm Works,” to better understand how Instagram works.


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