How Instagram Algorithms Work in 2019?

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Instagram is a good social media platform used by many millennial's. It is also used by other age groups alike. Instagram’s unique selling proposition is its filters and the ability to bring relevant content to the front. In addition to content, it provides engagement options for others to interact with your content. Here, I will go in-depth into how the Instagram Algorithms work and how you can be at the forefront of it all.

Instagram Algorithms At Work

Instagram Algorithms At Work

It has barely been a few months into 2019 and Facebook’s 2018 algorithm update has most brands shaken. Recently Facebook, parent company of Instagram, updated its algorithm as to how the social media platform works. With this update, many bands and users alike have seen a recent downtrend in their organic reach or content being viewed by all. If you are one of those, brands or people, read on and see how you can overcome this algorithmic update and get back on top.

The word “algorithm” shouldn’t freak you out, unless you are hearing it for the first time. In simple terms, it is just an “if this, then that” rule or instruction. Basically, it tells Instagram to take certain steps when a particular criterion is met.

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Instagram Algorithms: Are they hiding your posts?

Instagram Algorithms - Are they hiding your posts

This is actually somewhat true. Instagram Algorithms check whether your posts or videos are being liked, shared, or being saved. When your friends like, share, or save one of your posts or videos, the algorithm notes this down. The algorithm makes sure that whatever you post next is following these steps; meaning, it looks at how many people like your posts or videos.

Next, whenever you have put something new to show to people who have already liked your posts or videos before. In essence, whoever has not done this before, will only see less of what you are posting. Therefore, technically, it is not actually hiding your posts or videos, but is reducing the reach to how many people see it.


Instagram Algorithms: Are Long Comments Necessary?


When you comment, make sure that you are posting relevant comments. It should be something useful and thought-provoking, avoid simple terms or one-word answers. By providing comments that are thought-provoking you make other people interact with what you have written. It is always a good thing to make people like and reciprocate what you have written, but be sure not to offend anybody.

The more the people interact with your comments, you will get more visibility. This, in turn, will make your profile more visible to others and your content gets more reach. It is all about expressing the right things on the right stuff at the right time. Think about this, you would not want anybody to post something that you do not like and is negative on what you post.


Instagram Algorithms: Does Liking and Commenting Show More Content From Them?

Instagram Algorithms - Does Liking and Commenting Show More Content From Them

When you like or comment on someone’s posts or videos, you are telling Instagram that you like their content. Instagram then shows you more content from that person. The algorithm notes that you have liked and commended on that person’s post before. That means you have interacted with that person’s content and are more likely to agree with what is posted. 

You may have only liked or commented on that specific post or video, but Instagram Algorithms sees it as you like the person’s content. Most of the time, you see all of the content that is posted henceforth. You might not like or comment on what is posted afterwards.


Instagram Algorithms: Does Swiping Stories Negatively Impact the Algorithm?

Instagram stories do not impact you negatively as they are not a factor in Instagram Algorithms. You can use stories to boost your profile and your visibility. Since they are not supposedly impacted by algorithms, it helps you to promote your ports as stories and tag another user in the process.

Some of the most likely methods of using stories are by using Hashtags, promoting another story, or even by using stickers. These methods help others to catch on to what you are sharing and interact with them. It always helps to make stories interactive so that others can comment or use stickers to express their opinions and thoughts.

It is always good if other people are liking and commenting on your story, which results in your profile being circulated more in their friend circles. You should put something that makes your stories engaging and viral.


Instagram Algorithms: Does a Business Profile Negatively Affect the Algorithm?

The straight answer to this is no. Having a business profile does not negatively affect your account. Instagram does not discriminate between business and personal accounts, but there are some advantages to having a business account. For example, you have access to analytics and ads, which is not available to personal accounts.

Having a business account helps you check how your content is engaging with your audience. You are able to analyze what clicks and what does not. This will help you further to optimize the content that you post and analyze the factors that make it viral. Insights help you know which content is popular and which content works at which time.


Instagram Algorithms: Conclusion

Instagram Algorithms are actually tricky and there are many things to consider. It is not a cut and dry option, nor is it totally black-and-white. There are many gray areas which are to be considered when algorithms come into play. Some of those gray areas are how much a person interacts with your content, stays on your feed, how many likes or shares he/she does, and how much time he/she spends on Instagram.

These are some of the criterion's that the algorithm considers when Instagram shows you content. It is not always the same, but is the deciding factor when you view content in your feed. The more your content is shared or loved, the more its reach.

To make your content more viral or promoted, make sure you’re posting things that are loved by others. It is just like you are helping others to help you. The more the people love you, the more your content will be liked and shared. This, in turn, will help your content to reach more people and be at the top of the feed.

Instagram Algorithms - Follow Us

In the end, what matters is great content, engagement with your followers, post clarity, and clear-cut captions that helps your audience to know what your post is about.

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