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Google One is a new service revealed by Google which will be replacing the current premium cloud storage plans (you have to pay for these, not free). These are currently branded as Google Drive.

So, simply, it’s a new spin on its current premium cloud storage plans. There is a tab bit more to Google One. It just simply is not a substitute for Google’s existing premium cloud storage plans. I’ll go a little in-depth into exactly what the new service is.  


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Google One - What is it?

Google One is a new service.  Those who are currently subscribed to Google Drive’s current premium cloud storage plans are going to be upgraded. This is applicable to the consumer plans (Cloud Storage Locker, G Suite). The business plans are going to remain on their respective plans. Those will not change. There should be a business plan in the future finally, but when is the question.

Google One’s new offerings will support plans of storage capacities starting from 100 GB going all the way to a humungous 30 TB.  So, you will always have space in spite of how huge your media files are. Go to Google Drive Pricing, and you will get various options that fit your needs.

This just isn’t about storing files simply in the cloud. Google has gone out all guns blazing on this product.  The new offers are far beyond in terms of what was being offered by Google Drive previously.


Google One - Exactly what’s the Difference?

For example, you are going to get way more extra material. Everybody absolutely loves extra material (read freebies). You will receive credits to splurge on the Play Store. You will also get deals when doing Google Search. As an example, how about discounts at your local store, motel, drive-through by using Google Search. Basically, these coupons and/or deals seem to be extra factors which will make Google One better. Overall, there has to some more value proposition than the basics, right? 

Another important driving force is the better customer service. Google One subscribers will get “one-tap access to experts.”  Basically, you will get a real person on speed dial. This is for all any and all Google product(s) and/or service(s). This is going to be a changing point. It would be quite helpful for the elderly and people who are less tech-savvy, if these creatures do exist anywhere.

You can share your Google One plan with five family members.  Each person will get their own private area for storage. Sweet? No more sharing the storage.


Google One - Is the Service at all friendly?

Of course it is. Google has made its pitch clear. They have made their new plans appealing to families. They are offering quick and comfortable access to tech support.  Should you encounter any problems, you have access to tech support easily. Google is definitely muscling its way to mainstream storage.


Google One – What to be Mindful of?

Well, it’s pretty much it, almost covered everything. Google has clarified that as people are shifted to Google One from Google Drive, the basic functionality will note change. It will be same as before – just store files and share them.


Google One – Arrival Times

There is no confirmed date as of yet. The existing subscribers will be moved on to Google One in coming months. So, it could be next month, maybe. The upgrade rollout will be the US to start with.  Then, a global rollout will follow. 

People who sign on will be upgraded to Google One first. People will not just be shifted up to the new storage. This will happen later in the year. Consumers and customers should register for Google One to be in the know when it will arrive. You should enter your email at this link to know more.

You can download the Android Google One app from this link. One thing to note, if the service is not active in your area, you will see a “This app is incompatible with all of your devices” message.


Google One – What is the cost of the Service?

Google One plans will start at 100 GB for $1.99, 200 GB for $2.99, and 2 TB for $9.99 per month. Pricing for plans larger than 2 TB will remain the same. Existing 1 TB Google Drive plans will be upgraded to 2 TB at no extra cost. For heavier users, who like more than 2 TB of storage, pricing will be the same as that of the current Google Drive.

There is nothing to worry about the cost. Some users will pay the same. Some users will get better value for money. Distinctly, Google is looking to outgun the competition to gain serious headway with its new Google One cloud storage service.

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