Cryptocurrency Mining Extensions Banned From Chrome Web Store by Google

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For preventing cryptojacking, Google implements new Web Store policy. Cryptojacking by extensions results in malicious mining of digital currencies. This is done without the users' consent or awareness. Google enforced this Web Store policy banning Chrome extensions that mine Cryptocurrency submitted to the Web Store.

Over the past several months, there has been a sudden increase in malicious extensions. These malicious extensions appear useful in functionality, but embed cryptocurrency mining scripts.  These digital currency (crypto) mining scripts are hidden. The digital currency (crypto) mining scripts run in the background. All of this is done without the users' consent, awareness, or knowledge.

Even a Russian nuclear weapons lab had digital currency (crypto) miners. They were found on government websites, thousands of them. More than half-a-million PCs were infected in January with digital currency (crypto) mining malware.


Cryptocurrency Mining Extensions Banned From Chrome Web Store by Google


Cryptocurrency: Mining Extensions Status

Up until recently, digital currencies (crypto) mining extensions allowed were the ones that were intended for mining. They had to inform users about their working and revenue model. These were allowed on the Chrome Web Store.

Now, Google will block the extension that are not in compliance with the new policy. There will be no more secret mining of digital currencies (crypto) using a victim’s computing power.

Roughly 90% of mining extensions submitted to Google’s Chrome Web Store failed the new set of rules. Google has banned all digital currency (crypto) mining extensions. Even the legitimate ones are banned from the Chrome Web Store.


Cryptocurrency: Mining Extensions Banning

"Starting today, Chrome Web Store will no longer accept extensions that mine cryptocurrency. Existing extensions that mine cryptocurrency will be delisted from the Chrome Web Store in late June."

- Google Chromium Blog


This ban does not affect other blockchain and digital currency related extensions. Users will still be able to use blockchain browsers, price checkers, and wallet managers.

Banning a mining extension is appropriate. This move will put a dent, but will not eliminate the problem. Attackers are developing new ways to hide the mining capability of their extensions. This is done so that the extension gets approved through the Chrome Web Store.

Last month, Google banned cryptocurrency related advertisements.

Google is not the only one to ban mining-associated abuses. Twitter also announced plans for blocking these types of advertisements. Facebook has also banned these types of advertisements related to Bitcoin and ICOs.







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