New Android Trojan found to be Stealing Data from YOUR Apps

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There’s a new Trojan in town, and it may be stealing your personal data. It is theorized that this Android Trojan is doing this through messaging applications/clients.


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Android Trojan: Trustlook

Security researchers from Trustlook detected this Android malware. Trustlook is a cyber-security firm. Trustlook published a report on Monday describing the new Trojan. The new Trojan is described as simple and with fewer abilities.


Android Trojan: Infection, Execution, and Purpose

After infection, the Trojan attempts to modify “/system/etc/” It does so to enable its own execution every time the infected applications are opened.

The primary purpose of this Trojan is stealing data from messaging applications. It is then uploaded to a remote server later. The malware obtains the required IP of the server from a configuration file located locally.


Android Trojan: Infected Apps

  • BeeTalk
  • Coco
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Gruveo Magic Call
  • Line
  • Momo
  • Skype
  • TalkBox Voice Messenger
  • Telegram Messenger
  • Tencent WeChat
  • Twitter
  • Viber
  • Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger
  • Weibo

Though the design is simple, the focus is extracting instant messaging information. This Android Trojan uses evasion proficiency that is advanced.

As reported by Trustlook, the malware alters the configuration file and part of itself for avoiding detection. This in turn makes it difficult for antivirus software to recognize presence of the Trojan.

Dynamic analysis is evaded by the use of anti-emulator and debugger detection methods. The malware hides strands in its source code for preventing code reversal attempts.

The malware’s objective is stealing data. The possibility is the creators are collecting sensitive data.  These private conversations, photos, and/or videos would later be used for blackmail.

It is not clear how the Trojan is being distributed. Trustlab researchers first spotted the malware inside Cloud Module. Cloud Module is a Chinese app. “” is the package name for Cloud Module.

Given the Chinese name and the unavailability of Google’s Play Store in China, the malware is being spread through Android forums. It may even be spread through third-party Android app stores.




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