180-Days Replacement Promise by Intex Mobiles for all Feature Phones

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From the recent fiasco's of Samsung and various posts on social media about customer service of Mi, Micromax and Yu Televentures, it is a prime concern. This is true for any manufacturer. Intex Mobiles is attempting to change their customer’s outlook on their service. They have now brought a new scheme. They have announced and introduced 180 days of replacement promise of their feature phones. This will be applicable for all feature phones that customers buy from September 1, 2017 onwards.


Intex Mobiles: 180-Days Replacement Promise Terms and Conditions

Here are some of the terms and conditions. Customers should check these before buying Intex Mobiles feature phones. The 180 days of replacement promise is relevant only for feature phones. These feature phones should have been purchased on or after September 1, 2017. The replacement is applicable only if the feature phone is within warranty period. Customer need to have their purchase receipt or invoice when claiming the replacement. Intex Mobiles is likely to replace the feature phones only if the software and/or hardware issued are not rectifiable.

Intex Mobiles is likely to provide the exact model or equivalent one as replacement. If there is a service delay, customers will get handset replacements within 48-72 hours. Intex Mobiles’ 180-Days Replacement Promise stated that replacement and/or warranty is void if the handset feature phone has physically and/or liquid damage.

Intex Mobiles is not responsible for customer’s saved/stored data loss of the handset is either repaired or replaced. Customers can claim the 180 Days Replacement Promise option only one time.


Intex Mobiles: 180-Days Replacement Promise Press

In a bid to ramp up its customer service and to be the part of customer’s celebrations during the upcoming festive season, Intex is announcing a 180-days replacement warranty for its entire product basket of feature phones. By this policy, Company wants to give its customers a piece of mind and to enable them to fully utilize the handset potential. This replacement is valid for any hardware fault on its feature phones range, and the company promises to replace the faulty handset with the same model or an equivalent one.

Under the replacement warranty, customers will be entitled for replacement if they face any hardware fault in the handset. Intex will replace the handset with the same model or an equivalent model in the first 180 days from the date of activation of the handset, which is a part of the 1-year total warranty period. 

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