Google Podcasts Ending: Future Navigation of Podcast Listening

Devesh Prabhu/ October 1, 2023/ Apple, Google, Latest News, Mobile, Phone, Smartphones, YouTube/ 0 comments

    Intro to Google Podcasts In a world where information and entertainment are just a click away, podcasts have become a staple for millions of people. They offer a unique blend of education, storytelling, and inspiration that has captured the hearts and ears of listeners worldwide. For years, Google Podcasts has been a go-to platform for many podcast enthusiasts.

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Google Play Games Beta: Benefits, Market Share & Reach

Devesh Prabhu/ September 6, 2023/ Android, Google, Mobile, Phone, Play Store, Windows/ 0 comments

  The world of gaming has evolved dramatically over the years, with mobile gaming becoming increasingly popular. Google Play Games, a prominent player in the mobile gaming industry, has expanded its horizons by introducing a beta version for PC and laptops. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into Google Play Games Beta for PC and laptops, exploring its

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Demand for AI is Shrinking: Implications for Microsoft & ChatGPT

Devesh Prabhu/ August 25, 2023/ Apple, Google, Latest News, Microsoft/ 0 comments

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword in the tech industry for years. It is promising to revolutionize various sectors. However, recent trends suggest that the demand for AI is already shrinking. This blog post will explore the reasons behind this decline. It will also look into the potential impact on industry giants like Microsoft and ChatGPT. AI has shown

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